Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011: Still The Sexiest Runway Show Around

What makes the Victoria Secret Fashion show sparkle?  Is it the bright lights? Big stars? Sexy supermodels adorned with approximately one million Swarovski crystals?  Or perhaps it’s the three hundred pounds of glitter in thirteen different colors sprinkled over the runway Supermodels Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Lily Aldridge, among many other Victoria’s Secret Angels paraded down the one hundred foot runway as award winning artists, such as Maroon 5 and Kanye West, perform live alongside thirty dancers.

Other than the celebs and live musical performances, it’s the diversity that makes the show so much fun.  One minute it’s sexy and sophisticated and the next it’s playful and funky.  Turning super models into angels and featuring the annual and much anticipated fantasy bra keeps everyone coming back year after year.

Dressed in ballet inspired tutus with feather trims and ballet inspired shoes, probably influenced by the success of Black Swan, models were on point, looking exquisite.  The show turned up the fun with comic book inspired lingerie fashions featuring thigh high boots, cartoon wings, jumpsuits and bright colors.

Taking a cue from traditional Spanish couture with red flowers and fan- like shapes Matadors beware your traditional look just got sexified with flowing cape skirts.

We can’t stop talking about this kaleidoscope creation, if only it was for sale and well… practical.  Dripping in opal gems and gold, she looked stunning.

Pixie style angels with wings that look as if they created from blown glass and pastel colors showcased pretty bras and panties adorned with pearls, bows and lace.  One angel’s headpiece was fit for Greek mythology’s Poseidon.  Her body covered in crystals with a feather skirt starting just above her knees in light green and soft shades of blue, she could have just emerged from the ocean.  However, not every angel is soft and delicate.  Dressed in purple and black with dark raven wings this next look shows how fierce an angel can be.

Victoria’s secret even was able to modernize Victorian fashions with lace wings, high collars, and oversized broaches.  Umbrellas and spat style boots helped convey the theme.

As one of the hottest shows of the year, celebrities always fill the front row.  Beyonce, Russell Simmons, Orlando Bloom, Michael Bay, Donna Karan, and Debbie Harry were among the stars walking the pink carpet.

If anyone knows how to throw a party it’s Victoria’s Secret PINK, with eight custom PINK dog mirror balls and the sounds of the fabulous Nikki Manaj.   Nikki, dressed in an orange bustier, with a bright cartoony skirt,and stripped gloves, fit in perfectly.  The PINK brand is aimed towards Victoria Secret’s younger customers, which is reflected in the bright colors, florescent light wings, and sequins.  Added accessories such as striped socks, pompoms, and oversized bags complete the look.  We love this disco ball dress with pink ankle boots.

While some of us were priveleged to watch the taping of the live show, you too have the opportunity to watch it broadcasted from the comfort of your home. But first, make sure to cut off all distractions and have your drink and your popcorn at arms reach. Catch the entire show airing tonight, November 29th at 10/9c on CBS Television Network or check your local listing.

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Madison: Elle Canada September ’11

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Win $100 Diesel vouchers: Diesel Island

There are no water shortages on Diesel Island, because everyone showers in groups. All people are welcome, and the only energy this country exports is of the sexual kind.

Yes, it’s another cheeky campaign from Diesel.

In this campaign Diesel brings their brand of urban cool to a new Island settlement where the economy isn’t in crisis, where no systems are adopted that end in ism, and where reality shows don’t exist. The only downside to the Island is that it’s fictional.

But while Diesel’s Island may not be real, the clothing certainly is. And if you want to pick up your new fix of denim and casual wear then what we have on offer is the next best thing to an Island ticket: spending money. We have a treasure trove of Diesel vouchers to give away.

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Top 3 People on Lookbook

The community at is a diverse lot, coming from all over the world, but one thing they all have in common is their passion for fashion. They live it, breathe it and post it on Lookbook. Here are the top three stylists who have garnered the most praise.

1. Frida Johnson

Frida describes herself as a Swedish teenager who is “really passionate about fashion and clothing.” Her feminine, boho style manages to look carefree and put-together at once. She’s not afraid to take risks, pairing socks with clogs to give a flirty, floral dress a schoolgirl touch. High-waisted shorts and suede platforms show off her legs to magnificent effect. Her artfully tousled blonde locks paired with her light-hearted and sexy looks make it difficult to imagine Frida being stressed about anything.

2. Andy Torres

Andy is a Mexican “freelance stylist” and blogger living in Amsterdam. Her looks often incorporate a touch of retro: she doesn’t shy away from electric blue, bright pink, black leather and animal print, but she doesn’t overdo it, either. Andy’s looks display the understanding that the key to bold style is knowing the effect you’re trying to create. She does 80’s sophisticate in a sleek pencil skirt, and 80’s nightlife in a black leather top. Her nearly ubiquitous mod sunglasses work with just about every outfit.

3. Chiara Ferragni

Chiara struts her sophisticated and somewhat preppy style in the fashion capital of Milan. An internationally recognized style blogger, she’s been on the red carpet at Cannes and the Alberta Ferretti catwalk. She’s a versatile stylist, and looks just as sleek in long, flowing dresses as in tiger-printed mini-skirts. Black leather shorts look chic instead of sleezy when Chiara tones them down with a starched white shirt and flat loafers. Her style evokes swanky parties with celebrities, and even her dressed-down looks bring to mind summers in the Hamptons.

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DIY Net Bag

After crushing hard on this vintage net bag spotted by Phil Oh on the streets of NYC, we knew we had to attempt to DIY it. Sprucing up a reusable cotton bag from the grocery store with some hardware and carabiners? Sign us up! In just a few simple steps, we’ll show you how to make our rendition of the net bag – perfect for a stroll in the park.

Supplies List

a cotton net bag (also available at Whole Foods)

2  carabiners (if you can’t find gold carabiners, you can spray paint them)

8 sets of 1/4″ screw posts

a flat head screwdriver

a pair of scissors

Start by cutting each of the straps down the middle, creating 4 loose straps. With a marker, mark 2 dots on each strap about 3 inches apart.

Carefully pierce a small hole through each mark with the tip of the scissors. Fold one of the straps through the carabiner, aligning the two holes with each other.

Push the screw post set through both holes and tighten with a screwdriver.

Add another set of screw posts about an inch of the way down for more support. Repeat the steps for the rest of the 3 straps.

Your bag is finished! You can also experiment with dying the bag a different color before assembling.

Attach keys, charms or pom poms to one of the carabiners and you’re all set!

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How to Knot Your Clothes

All summer, we’ve been knotting our tops: button-downs, T-shirts, thin cardigans…you name it. But we’ve just discovered that the knot trend seems to be getting, um, lower. Exhibit A: Vanessa Hudgens’s maxi dress. The star paired her newly-cropped haircut with a simple pink tank dress—and then she went to town accessorizing it with a wide belt, clog-style heels and a tangle of long necklaces.

Who knows if she wasn’t feeling the length of the dress or if she just needed some extra ventilation, but she knotted the hem in a very cool way, which made the look exponentially more sexy. Plus, it’s a simple trick you can use to update whatever you pull out of your closet. Place the knot off to one side—showing off some thigh—and you’re ready to go.

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Color Theory

Not to be outshone by summer brights, autumnal knits and outerwear get plucky in cherry red, electric blue, Kelly green, and egg-yolk yellow. Go on, face the rainbow.

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