Top 3 People on Lookbook

The community at is a diverse lot, coming from all over the world, but one thing they all have in common is their passion for fashion. They live it, breathe it and post it on Lookbook. Here are the top three stylists who have garnered the most praise.

1. Frida Johnson

Frida describes herself as a Swedish teenager who is “really passionate about fashion and clothing.” Her feminine, boho style manages to look carefree and put-together at once. She’s not afraid to take risks, pairing socks with clogs to give a flirty, floral dress a schoolgirl touch. High-waisted shorts and suede platforms show off her legs to magnificent effect. Her artfully tousled blonde locks paired with her light-hearted and sexy looks make it difficult to imagine Frida being stressed about anything.

2. Andy Torres

Andy is a Mexican “freelance stylist” and blogger living in Amsterdam. Her looks often incorporate a touch of retro: she doesn’t shy away from electric blue, bright pink, black leather and animal print, but she doesn’t overdo it, either. Andy’s looks display the understanding that the key to bold style is knowing the effect you’re trying to create. She does 80’s sophisticate in a sleek pencil skirt, and 80’s nightlife in a black leather top. Her nearly ubiquitous mod sunglasses work with just about every outfit.

3. Chiara Ferragni

Chiara struts her sophisticated and somewhat preppy style in the fashion capital of Milan. An internationally recognized style blogger, she’s been on the red carpet at Cannes and the Alberta Ferretti catwalk. She’s a versatile stylist, and looks just as sleek in long, flowing dresses as in tiger-printed mini-skirts. Black leather shorts look chic instead of sleezy when Chiara tones them down with a starched white shirt and flat loafers. Her style evokes swanky parties with celebrities, and even her dressed-down looks bring to mind summers in the Hamptons.

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How to Knot Your Clothes

All summer, we’ve been knotting our tops: button-downs, T-shirts, thin cardigans…you name it. But we’ve just discovered that the knot trend seems to be getting, um, lower. Exhibit A: Vanessa Hudgens’s maxi dress. The star paired her newly-cropped haircut with a simple pink tank dress—and then she went to town accessorizing it with a wide belt, clog-style heels and a tangle of long necklaces.

Who knows if she wasn’t feeling the length of the dress or if she just needed some extra ventilation, but she knotted the hem in a very cool way, which made the look exponentially more sexy. Plus, it’s a simple trick you can use to update whatever you pull out of your closet. Place the knot off to one side—showing off some thigh—and you’re ready to go.

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Color Theory

Not to be outshone by summer brights, autumnal knits and outerwear get plucky in cherry red, electric blue, Kelly green, and egg-yolk yellow. Go on, face the rainbow.

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The Denim Jacket: A Blast From The Past Or Present Perfect?

It’s time to dust off your jean jacket. Favored by the likes of Ruby Aldridge, Liu Wen, and Hanne Gaby Odiele, the denim staple is making a bid to replace the leather bomber as model-off-duty topper of choice. This summer, bona fide celebs (Cameron Diaz) and burgeoning trendsetters (Pippa Middleton) alike have been spotted layering snug, faded ones over feminine looks for an edgy update. Speaking of edgy, we loved the acid-wash, pharaoh-embellished number that Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss wore to the Sasquatch festival this May. Same goes for Jonny Johansson’s heavily deconstructed indigo style from Acne’s Resort collection.

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Your Best Beach Look Ever

Nothing says summer like a LBB (little black bikini)- however with so many options add a little color into your classic summer look.  Rock a bold pattern or add some ruffles for a sweet feminine look. A great cover up can really help pull together that fun beachy vibe.  Aim for something light and breezy.  Not only will you be more comfortable but you’ll look carefree and relaxed.

However, one thing can really ruin an amazing summer look and that’s those little red irritation bumps.  A sexy smooth bikini line is the ultimate complement to a stunning bikini. With 75% of women tending to that area, it’s becoming a beauty hot spot.  Keep your skin soft and smooth and prevent irritation with Bikini Zone Anti-Bump Shave Gel and Medicated After Shave Gel.

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Curvy is sexy: this is the message

“Curvy is sexy: this is the message.” So sayeth Franca Sozzani, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia and one of the people behind the magazine’s June 2011 plus sized photo shoot.

While we didn’t wish to sensationalise the subject matter, Ms. Sozzani has naturally been willing to give her own take on the topic. While we’d maintain that ‘curvy is sexy’ can be misconstrued as a divisive point (it can be, but sexual attraction is in the eye of the beholder), both ours and Ms. Sozzani’s take on the issue at large are rather similar: that there is room in pictorials for different body sizes provided editors are willing to cater to them.

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Haute or Faux? iFashion Network Weighs in on DAK’s Fall/Winter 2011 Line

My daughter is enamored these days with all things Little House on the Prairie.  Seems that the creative geniuses behind the DAKS brand may also be smitten.  At London’s Fashion Week, the line displayed  plenty of long, full skirts worn with tucked-in sweaters layered over buttoned-to-the-chin blouses (Ma would have worn these).  Buttoned-up  plaid ruffled blouses paired with long plaid skirts were more Miss Beadle’s style.  Oversized plaid capes in giant patterns layered over plaid button-downs and paired with retro-looking ankle boots would have kept Laura warm through a Plum Creek winter.  And an ivory hooded sweater/skirt/scarf combo would have been just the thing that the snarky Nellie Olsen would have waltzed into school in.  Despite all these period pieces, there were some bright spots in the collection.  Monochromatic numbers were sophisticated and sleeker than their plaid counterparts.  The best ensemble?  A black calf-length pencil skirt paired with a belted short sleeve trench.  It achieved a glamorous retro vibe without seeming the least bit costumey.  We hope next season brings a softer touch to the offerings, and in the meantime we apologize for sticking the Little House theme song in your head – we can’t get rid of it either…

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