PG Bracelets Enhance Your Mood and Your Style

Do you ever find yourself choosing your clothing based on how you feel? Does your mood influence the way you accessorize your fashion? It can be a lot of fun to ‘wear’ your feelings on the outside in such an obvious way (well… most of the time). On the flip side, how about wearing something stylish that could act as inspiration for the mood you want to be in?

PG Bracelets, by Italian designer Paola Garofalo, are all about drawing on natural elements to stir your passions and bring you to a more lighthearted or peaceful place. The designs incorporate strong colors, different textured fabrics and metal elements to invoke a range of emotions. Vivid blues and smooth qualities suggest water, natural colors and rustic fabrics reflect the earth and passionate reds evoke fire. There is even a flag inspired line to show your patriotism or heritage

So the next time you’ve had a brutal day at work or a terrible falling out with your significant other, rather than dressing all in black, you can adorn yourself with something that may just lighten your outlook; at the very least, you’ll be highly fashionable.

via PG Bracelets Enhance Your Mood and Your Style | iTrend Plus.