Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011: Still The Sexiest Runway Show Around

What makes the Victoria Secret Fashion show sparkle?  Is it the bright lights? Big stars? Sexy supermodels adorned with approximately one million Swarovski crystals?  Or perhaps it’s the three hundred pounds of glitter in thirteen different colors sprinkled over the runway Supermodels Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Lily Aldridge, among many other Victoria’s Secret Angels paraded down the one hundred foot runway as award winning artists, such as Maroon 5 and Kanye West, perform live alongside thirty dancers.

Other than the celebs and live musical performances, it’s the diversity that makes the show so much fun.  One minute it’s sexy and sophisticated and the next it’s playful and funky.  Turning super models into angels and featuring the annual and much anticipated fantasy bra keeps everyone coming back year after year.

Dressed in ballet inspired tutus with feather trims and ballet inspired shoes, probably influenced by the success of Black Swan, models were on point, looking exquisite.  The show turned up the fun with comic book inspired lingerie fashions featuring thigh high boots, cartoon wings, jumpsuits and bright colors.

Taking a cue from traditional Spanish couture with red flowers and fan- like shapes Matadors beware your traditional look just got sexified with flowing cape skirts.

We can’t stop talking about this kaleidoscope creation, if only it was for sale and well… practical.  Dripping in opal gems and gold, she looked stunning.

Pixie style angels with wings that look as if they created from blown glass and pastel colors showcased pretty bras and panties adorned with pearls, bows and lace.  One angel’s headpiece was fit for Greek mythology’s Poseidon.  Her body covered in crystals with a feather skirt starting just above her knees in light green and soft shades of blue, she could have just emerged from the ocean.  However, not every angel is soft and delicate.  Dressed in purple and black with dark raven wings this next look shows how fierce an angel can be.

Victoria’s secret even was able to modernize Victorian fashions with lace wings, high collars, and oversized broaches.  Umbrellas and spat style boots helped convey the theme.

As one of the hottest shows of the year, celebrities always fill the front row.  Beyonce, Russell Simmons, Orlando Bloom, Michael Bay, Donna Karan, and Debbie Harry were among the stars walking the pink carpet.

If anyone knows how to throw a party it’s Victoria’s Secret PINK, with eight custom PINK dog mirror balls and the sounds of the fabulous Nikki Manaj.   Nikki, dressed in an orange bustier, with a bright cartoony skirt,and stripped gloves, fit in perfectly.  The PINK brand is aimed towards Victoria Secret’s younger customers, which is reflected in the bright colors, florescent light wings, and sequins.  Added accessories such as striped socks, pompoms, and oversized bags complete the look.  We love this disco ball dress with pink ankle boots.

While some of us were priveleged to watch the taping of the live show, you too have the opportunity to watch it broadcasted from the comfort of your home. But first, make sure to cut off all distractions and have your drink and your popcorn at arms reach. Catch the entire show airing tonight, November 29th at 10/9c on CBS Television Network or check your local listing.

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Eyebrow Superstar: Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle has long been known for having a serious set of arches—and at a recent Miu Miu event, she proved that when you’ve got great brows, you don’t need much else…at least as far as makeup is concerned. She looked gorge with glowing, tawny skin, subtly-rimmed eyes and a natural pink lip. As for the brows, they looked slightly lighter than they usually do, which is a great trick for summer.

In warmer months, switch to a brow pencil that’s a shade less intense. You’ll still get that filled-in effect, but your arches will look sun-kissed—almost like naturally-occurring highlights. “And remember to always blend with a spoolie brush,” says makeup artist Sonia Kashuk. This makes the pencil strokes look like actual hairs.

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Francois Nars AND Uzo interview

Where it all started

I’ve been working for Nars for more than 13 years. I was with Nars when the blush Orgasm didn’t exist. It’s been so interesting to watch the evolution of the brand. Who knew when they launched Orgasm in 1999 that it would be this cult classic? I remember when it sold out. Francois did not expect what it has become today.

Book deal

It took four weeks to produce the book, Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself. Can you believe it? Francois had instructed a casting agency to scour the streets of New York City for 60 globally diverse women and men. He wanted different face shapes, skin-tones and professions. When it came to creating the looks, he didn’t want to know their background, he just wanted a blank canvas and to be inspired by the shape of their face or the colour of their eyes.

Working with a team of artists, François supervised everything and took the photographs. The man is a genius, he is amazing with colour. It’s a beauty manual that demystifies make-up application and techniques. Divided into three sections (play, perfect and polish), the book features real people and there’s an acetate overlay on the before and after images with Francois’s handwriting and the name of the products, colours and actual placement.

Reality check

This book is real. Looking at celebrities is not a good barometer of whether a look will work for you. Celebrities constantly tweak their faces and get treatments on a regular basis, in the real world most of us don’t have time for that and aren’t getting our nose tweaked or our brows lifted. François celebrates us – that’s what I love.

Life between cities

I’m based in LA but I fly a lot between LA and New York. It sounds like the perfect life but I spend half my time in an airplane and I visit every other city in between – Miami, Chicago, Dallas… François lives in New York but he also has a home in Motu Tane in the South Pacific. He bought the island – yes, the island – in 2000 when Shiseido bought the brand. Of course he also has a home in Paris but he really loves New York City.

Everything is illuminated

The years I’ve been at Nars I’ve become a much better make-up artist in terms of complexion. I love putting The Multiple [a three-in-one product] under foundation, it’s my signature. You can use any of the colours to highlight and warm the complexion before foundation. Just apply it to the cheeks and blend it into an upside-down triangle. My skin is oily and it works so well as it’s a cream-to-powder formula and is oil-free. I have to say, whether it’s a celebrity, model or soccer mum, everybody loves the look of illumination within the skin.

The essentials

As I’ve gotten older I try to carry less. I always have Exhibit A blush, which I love to use by itself or with other blushes. I love it on women with very dark or very pale skin. I use the cream shadows and apply it with my fingers. I always carry Triple X lip gloss, powder foundation because I always need to touch up, and a black pencil.

Try it all

I guess my make-up mantra is that make-up is there for people to experiment with. There’s so much good make-up out there, and technology has allowed products to be more sheer and lightweight that it’s almost criminal if you don’t try new colours. Go out there, step outside the box and don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. Sometimes when we limit ourselves we rob ourselves from discovering something that would be a wow factor for your lips or for your eyes.

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Curvy is sexy: this is the message

“Curvy is sexy: this is the message.” So sayeth Franca Sozzani, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia and one of the people behind the magazine’s June 2011 plus sized photo shoot.

While we didn’t wish to sensationalise the subject matter, Ms. Sozzani has naturally been willing to give her own take on the topic. While we’d maintain that ‘curvy is sexy’ can be misconstrued as a divisive point (it can be, but sexual attraction is in the eye of the beholder), both ours and Ms. Sozzani’s take on the issue at large are rather similar: that there is room in pictorials for different body sizes provided editors are willing to cater to them.

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Anais Pouliot: China doll

Last we admired Anais Pouliot she was the quintessential French beauty in Numero. This shoot for Vogue Russia could almost be an extension of that one, with similar poses, similar sensuality, similar use of nudity; except now Anais’ character has entered a darker realm. From boudoir to some opulent opium den setting, the exotic silks and kimonos are a running oriental theme through many an editorial right now. Inspiration for mixing colours and prints, yes; but also for the painted red China doll lips and rosy blushing cheeks; a makeup looks that’s a near mandatory match for the clothing.

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Cindy Crawford Rocks A Vogue Cover Like It’s 1992

Cindy Crawford, the original ‘90s supermodel, looks damn fine at 45. Here she is on the cover of this month’s Vogue vamping it up in a leather jacket and looking absolutely radiant. I’ll have what she’s having.

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Angelina Jolie Signed Deal with Louis Vuitton

Angelina Jolie hasn’t done many fashion campaigns throughout her life. As far as we know she has represented clothing line St. John for 3 years and the Japanese beauty company Shiseido for a while. However, these two are relatively small deals in comparison to Jolie’s new venture – she’s become the face of Louis Vuitton.

The worldwide ad campaign is to be print only and will be marketed around the world. The campaign that is to launch in summer will earn Angelina Jolie approximately $10 million.

The photographs will be taken by renowned photographer Annie Leibowitz within the next couple of weeks.

Angeline Jolie will follow in the footsteps of other celebrities, including Madonna and Jennifer Lopez.

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