Peep Solange Knowles’ Inspired Style

We recently started seeing Solange Knowles at our favorite bands’ gigs, rocking couture bunny ears, a luxe turban, and shoes so awesome, we could barely pay attention to the music—and the more we got to know the singer, the more we fell in love with her songs, her perspective, and—of course—her sensational style.

Though she might have a super-famous older sister with whom she shares her Aphrodite-like looks and virtuoso voice, she’s definitely her own woman through-and-through. A mother, a sister, a daughter, an artist, musician, writer, and singer.

Solange wears many hats, and channeled a bit of love from each of them to create her third studio album, to be released later this fall. We met up with Solange at The Standard Hotel to gain a little insight into how she maintains her inspired style.

Who are your style heroes?

“My mom in the ’70s and ’80s! She was a bad bitch. Sex and the City totally jacked her steez on the camels. I have a pic of her on a camel ride in Egypt in the ’80s serving the hell out of that desert! Also, Diana Ross, The Fela Kuti Queens, Björk, ’70s-era Chaka Khan, Chloë Sevigny, ’90s Erykah Badu.”

What’s your secret style weapon?

“Shoes! I’m all about the shoes! I order a ton of them online and play with my entire wardrobe until I find the right shoe. Unfortunately, so many people get it right from the head until the ankles. The shoe is very important. I can’t even fuck with you if your shoe game is slacking.”

via Peep Solange Knowles’ Inspired Style- Interview and Photo Shoot.


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One Response to Peep Solange Knowles’ Inspired Style

  1. STACi P. says:

    i absolutely love Solange. Im so happy she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves as an artists, and style icon. I’d have to add her to MY list.

    that girl dope.

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