Whistler’s Mother wore Louboutins

And you thought the trademark red sold of a Christian Louboutin shoe was a modern invention.

Not so, if the brand’s latest campaign is anything to go by. The campaign paints (literally) Louboutin accessory as an enduring beacon of style. A treasured item that captivated Georges de La Tour’s Magdalen more so than the smoking flame; a shoulder bag that Jean-Marc Nattier’s Artemis was particularly fond of in leopard print; a boot dark and feathered and cold with Victorian sensibilities, so much so that even Whistler’s Mother was partial to it.

We may not have loved every pair in Louboutin’s fall 2011 collection but this latest campaign by Peter Lippmann which, if you hadn’t already guessed, imposes select pieces onto iconic artworks, is completely captivating.

This is a campaign that goes beyond the product and puts the brand in your mind as having existed as an icon for much longer than it actually has. A clever feat by Lippmann.

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Hatwoman’s fancy finesse

Essence of sublime style, ethereal precision and fancy finesse – that is how we could describe the Hatwoman spring 2011 collection. The campaign is displayed by the photographer Baldovino Barani revealing the beauty of Hatwoman sophistication. The embodiment of the debonair lady is captured in elegant locations and stylish old fashioned interiors. She is dressed in perfect sylph gowns that accompany with the exquisite headpieces. There is a full range of smart, clever and distinguished ideas hidden in the shapes and forms of Hatwoman’s headpieces – delicate feathers, subtle veils, paper like creations, elaborate bows and even a studded pistol.

The hats are predominantly composed to adjust to the personality. Every single item is very unique matching the criteria of occasion and taste as presented in the ad campaign.

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Kate Moss Looking Stylish for Longchamp Bags Campaign

I’m not really a fan of Kate Moss but the supermodel looked very stylish posing for the Longchamp’s Spring/ Summer 2011 campaign featuring their recent handbag collection. It’s not the first time she did a promotion for the company and she also took part in creation of some of these pieces.

Judging by the pictures the Longchamp bags from Spring/ Sumer 2011 range are very pretty, especially those large totes that look more like beach bags. The color scheme is interesting and majority of items seem to be rather versatile.

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Weekend by Max Mara Spring 2011 Campaign

Jacquelyn Jablonski sports bold prints and tropical inspired colours as she poses alongside some parrot companions for the Weekend by Max Mara Spring 2011 campaign. Shot by photographer Alexi Lubomirski, the simple campaign calls to mind a fun Summer inspired spirit enhanced with the barrage of coordinating prints and chunky wooden necklaces, as well as the presence of the tropical birds. Jacquelyn also sports matching bright eyeshadow and sleek hair.

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Sportmax S/S ’11 Advertising Campaign

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