Win $100 Diesel vouchers: Diesel Island

There are no water shortages on Diesel Island, because everyone showers in groups. All people are welcome, and the only energy this country exports is of the sexual kind.

Yes, it’s another cheeky campaign from Diesel.

In this campaign Diesel brings their brand of urban cool to a new Island settlement where the economy isn’t in crisis, where no systems are adopted that end in ism, and where reality shows don’t exist. The only downside to the Island is that it’s fictional.

But while Diesel’s Island may not be real, the clothing certainly is. And if you want to pick up your new fix of denim and casual wear then what we have on offer is the next best thing to an Island ticket: spending money. We have a treasure trove of Diesel vouchers to give away.

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Gap’s update on hippie denim

With the resurgence of flared jeans comes a bevvy of denim brands looking to put forward their interpretations, and ensure they have something to fill the space. Gap seem to have nailed the aesthetic pretty quickly: smart, dark denim, a long leg with slender thigh and flare from the knee; and a overall 70s influence.

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