Color Theory

Not to be outshone by summer brights, autumnal knits and outerwear get plucky in cherry red, electric blue, Kelly green, and egg-yolk yellow. Go on, face the rainbow.

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The Summer Maxi Dress to Fall in Love with

The sun is shining, the sky is blue – yes, summer is here. It is time to get rid of the jeans and tops, and switch to something that is more feminine and more appropriate for this season – for example the maxi dress.

This particular fashion design is best known for the fact that it is very long and feminine and also very popular among women.

It is said that the perfect length for the dress is for it to partially cover your feet, so it is time to give up the short dresses and opt for the long ones. The advantage of maxi dress is that it might be worn to a large number of different occasions.

It is perfect for the everyday wear, but also for a girls’ night out and even special events. Naturally it is important to choose the right style in each case.

There are the monochromatic long dresses most suitable for the elegant events especially if they are accessorized properly. This season the designers focused on adding a bit of bling for summer maxi dress for the evening.

The maxi dresses that come in bright colors and also some prints are great for almost any other kind of occasion. The most popular designs seem to include the flower patterns. In order to have a summery look it is important for the dress to have bright colors.

The colors we can see on the maxi dresses cover a wide range, including fresh pastels, white, neutral colors, green, blue, orange, and naturally we have to mention, black.

The look of the dress is also defined by the material that it is made of. For example in case of a black silk maxi dress it is just natural that it will be worn to a special event of some kind. Other materials include cotton, tulle, lace and in some cases, even satin.

There is no need for many accessories, and the best shoes to wear are the flats, platforms and feminine strappy sandals.

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Interesting Lipstick Facts

Lipstick has very long and quite interesting history. It has been rung the bell with fashionistas since ancient times. The first lipstick is considered to have been invented in the Ancient Egypt more than 4 thousand years ago! And then it was used all the way from common women to empresses. All the more it is hard to imagine today’s woman with no lipstick glitter on her lips. But have you ever thought that this miraculous inhabitant of every makeup bag is more than meets the eye. Thus I’d like to bring forward some interesting lipstick facts for you to keep up.

Let’s start with the history of lipstick origin. As I’ve already mentioned lipstick was invented as far back as 4 thousand years ago. At that time lipstick of dark shades was in common use. For instance Nefertiti preferred to use lipstick made of mollusc shell nacre, while Cleopatra opted for the one made of red ochre. But unfortunately such lipsticks were very toxicant. (Apparently right then the expression “kiss of death” really came into use.)

The Middle Ages can be marked as hard times for lipstick fans, as lipstick was proscribed by the Church. It was thought that women who used to wear lipstick would be taken for witches and cast into the hell on the Day of Last Judgment. Women surely were very frightened and therefore everybody forgot about lipstick until the Renaissance.

The Renaissance placed itself on the record as the time when lipstick was used not only by women but by men as well! At the court of Ludwig XVI (France) men applied lipstick in order to make their lip contour more noticeable against moustache and beard.

But the present lipstick appearance dates back to the 1903 year. The novelty, set for appliance to lips appeared at the World Fair having made a real boom as the first lipstick! Women were enchanted with new beauty invention.

Later in 1915 the world cosmetic brand Guerlain presented a new lipstick made in the present form of stick, which became the most popular cosmetic product. In the 1920s the lipstick firmly came into use thanks to Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, and Joan Crawford.

Henceforth the magical lipstick has become an absolute must-have for every woman. And in contrast to that ancient unvaried lipstick, now we can enjoy various kinds and shades of it to fit any fastidious taste.  Here are some lipstick types:

  • Moisturizing lipstick
  • Chapstick
  • Lipstick, visually bleaching teeth
  • Glossy lipstick
  • Glittery lipstick and etc.

Some more interesting facts about lipstick:

  • French scientists calculated that a man swallows up to 6 pounds of lipstick during his life, while a woman up to 17!!!
  • Most lipsticks have fish scales as the component.
  • One can judge a woman’s character by the lipstick color she opts for:

Red lipstick is the choice of cheerful women.

Pink lipstick is for romantic women.

Bright orange lipstick color is for eccentric women who like to be in the spotlight.

Lipstick of pearl shades is an option of careerist.

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Insects-inspired Jewelry from Eddie Borgo (Fall 2011 Collection)

Eddie Borgo new Fall 2011 jewelry collection has been obviously inspired by insects – spiders, ladybugs, dragonflies, etc. The majority of pieces in the range feature shapes of these creatures in a delicate and very stylish way.

In case you dislike insects but still wish to find something interesting for yourself in Eddie Borgo’s jewelry collection for Fall 2011 you can opt for covetable cone-shaped bracelets in beautiful colors and great materials.

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Enjoy Chic & Glamour with Gucci! (Gucci Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012 Collection)

Gucci is Gucci. It would be silly to expect a simple and boring collection from such an outstanding brand. Their Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012 range was as chic and glamorous as Gucci collection can ever be.

The colors were amazing. Deep, rich and totally luxurious – those reds, purples, greys, navies and plenty of other interesting hues looked fantastic on designs clearly inspired by the 70s. Despite the fact the idea to revive that fashion period isn’t new and has come to us from the last, Spring/ Summer 2011, season Gucci transformed it into something new and more sophisticated.

Evening floor-sweeping dresses with sheer skirts were perfect and I would say red-carpet-ready. Teamed up with scarves and other accessories in matching tones these Gucci creations are definitely among my favorites from Milan Fashion Week.

For daily wear Frida Giannini offered the customers a lot of wearable and still sumptuous items, including wide-leg trousers, classic belted jackets, very feminine blouses with intricate neck details, as well as fur coats, and wide-brimmed hats.

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How To Get Salon Nails At Home

With the creation of Minx nails, it seems that every female I know has become obsessed with having “cool” nails. Add a couple rhinestones, different colors and designs and you automatically have celebrity looking hands. Recently, I’ve jumped on the “cool nail  frenzy” as well, and have become obsessed with Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Nail Polish. Unlike Minx nails which is similar to a sticker, Salon Effects is real nail polish, without the drying and the mess. The kit comes with nail strips, a nail file and a buffer and if you follow the instructions exactly, its so simple to use, and will last up to 10 days. The designs range from neon colors to lace print, and my personal favorite, leopard.

The Salon Effects kit is found at most drugstores, and cost about $9.99. I think this is exceptionally cool if you have short nails, like me, and can’t ever keep nail polish on to save your life. A little something cool to add to your beauty collection this upcoming spring!

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