Haute or Faux? iFashion Network Weighs in on DAK’s Fall/Winter 2011 Line

My daughter is enamored these days with all things Little House on the Prairie.  Seems that the creative geniuses behind the DAKS brand may also be smitten.  At London’s Fashion Week, the line displayed  plenty of long, full skirts worn with tucked-in sweaters layered over buttoned-to-the-chin blouses (Ma would have worn these).  Buttoned-up  plaid ruffled blouses paired with long plaid skirts were more Miss Beadle’s style.  Oversized plaid capes in giant patterns layered over plaid button-downs and paired with retro-looking ankle boots would have kept Laura warm through a Plum Creek winter.  And an ivory hooded sweater/skirt/scarf combo would have been just the thing that the snarky Nellie Olsen would have waltzed into school in.  Despite all these period pieces, there were some bright spots in the collection.  Monochromatic numbers were sophisticated and sleeker than their plaid counterparts.  The best ensemble?  A black calf-length pencil skirt paired with a belted short sleeve trench.  It achieved a glamorous retro vibe without seeming the least bit costumey.  We hope next season brings a softer touch to the offerings, and in the meantime we apologize for sticking the Little House theme song in your head – we can’t get rid of it either…

via Haute or Faux? iFashion Network Weighs in on DAK’s Fall/Winter 2011 Line | Street Style.


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