How to Choose Shining Clothing

Every season designers create shiny clothing because even if such items are not very trendy they are still perfect for special occasions. Women like sparkling pieces but are often unaware of how to choose those to look good rather than vulgar.

Shiny item as an advantage.

Shiny items tend to attract attention. No matter if it is a tiny brooch or a glitzy blouse people will look at it before they notice all the other. This gives you a number of advantages. By focusing on a sparkling piece that you accentuate your asset with, you distract attention from the areas you don’t want to show. So, if you have a thin waist try a glitzy belt. If you like how your legs look opt for a pair of shiny pants. If your goal is to hide your heavy thighs go for a shiny top or just a sparkling scarf as an accessory.

Don’t overdo.

Be careful not to overdo with shiny clothing as you can end up looking tasteless. The rule is simple: the shinier the item the less you should emphasize it. You can wear sparking things during daytime but beware of making people’s eyes tired of your attire.

Shiny clothing is no-no for plump girls.

Shiny clothing makes a woman look bigger but it looks great on slim girls. If you know your weight isn’t ideal but glitzy pieces are your weak point try to use shiny details.

The simpler the better.

By wearing a glitzy item you already attract too much attention to you. The fabric itself does it all. So, if you wish to look harmonious stay away from elaborate designs.

Combination rules to follow.

Shiny with shiny is not a good idea. Go for matt clothing piece to combine with the glitzy one you like. Besides, avoid wearing accessories as well if you want to be elegant. Don’t overload your look. Even your makeup and hair should be natural.

Shiny dress for a special occasion.

Long shiny dress is great for an evening out, even if it is too shiny. But beware of getting all attention at the party where you are not the main person. It can be too uncomfortable.

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