The Celebrity Craze About the Spring Leather Dress

The leather is back on the fashion scene, this time in a different and unusual presence. The leather dress is the new Hollywood look so don’t be surprised if you see your favorite star wearing a small leather dress in a vivid color.

Actually the black leather dress isn’t as fashionable as it is the neutral colored leather dress. The biggest fashion designers have included this amazing outfit to their latest spring collections.

The dress is suitable for office wear, as well as for a first date outfit, a romantic dinner, a party night or just a casual walk.

The leather has always been a universal fabric, but the colors are more than provocative this spring. The versatile leather has the ability to be combined with almost any other color, and in the mean time it fits all kind of accessories.

The new craze in the fashion is the brightly colored leather euphoria that had gripped the world in the 80’s.

The comeback of the leather dress isn’t something surprising. The simple, the better: that’s the motto, when it comes to the leather dress silhouette.

The white leather coats are also very fashionable, so if you want to achieve a more glamorous look, go for a white leather coat.

In case you are a fan of the classics, go for short black leather jacket combined with mini leather dress in desert colors. Don’t limit to the standard leather jacket or accessories, and choose different colors and shapes.

The leather garments are more than modern, especially for stylish women that want to be modern, but yet classy. In case you want something bold, go for red leather. It can be a dress or leather trousers, but don’t hesitate to wear this unusual outfit. It will bring certain sophistication in your wardrobe.

The leather gloves and hats are part of this extravagant look too, so go for them, especially if they are in colors such as blue, green or yellow.

via The Celebrity Craze About the Spring Leather Dress | The Fashionables.


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