Someone, Offer Kirsten Dunst Fashion Collaboration!!!

Actress Kirsten Dunst doesn’t feel satisfied with her acting career only. She wants more. And her great ambition of the moment is to have a fashion line, not her own line of course, but fruitful collaboration with someone professional.

She commented to WWD: “I wouldn’t want my own entire fashion line, but I’d do a collaboration, a one-off. I wouldn’t say no, it sounds like fun.”

And while nobody has offered her a fashion deal yet Kirsten promotes a fragrance for Bulgari, Mon Jasmin Noir.

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Shoe heaven: Nicholas Kirkwood

In virtually no time at all, Nicholas Kirkwood has established himself as something of a footwear deity. His architectural, alienous pairs of heels – as well as being a commercial success – managed to raise the design bar and redefine our thinking about what a shoe should be. So what would Kirkwood have in store for Fall 2011? We stopped by his showroom during Paris fashion week, a showroom that was like a candy store for the shoe-lover, to find out.

A lot of Kirkwood’s shoes for the coming season are quite pared back and understated, but at no time is the detail lacking. One technique Kirkwood used was to press together laser cut suede over velvet, then emboss it, creating a richly textured finish that finds its way onto both heels and flats. The embossing is a running thread through the collection. Embossed horse-bit details on the toes of pumps; embossed and stitched buckles that are so three-dimensional you could swear they were functional rather than just decorative.

Some heels are sprouting with wild tufts of fur, as if to turn the wearer into some feather-footed equine. Others carry through Kirkwood’s established futurist bent in aquatic hues of shimmering snakeskin. A chunky wedge is sashayed with suede fringing. There’s a wide variety of styles this time around and many to be adored, but for all the amazing detail there’s a simpler pair at the top of my personal list: Kirkwood’s take on the traditional knee-high riding boot, which presents itself in a kind of mod 60s light.

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Annie Leibovitz Casts Celebrities in Classic Fairytale Photos

Annie Leibovitz has been shooting Disney Dream pictures for the past few years, and has just released new images of classic fairytale images, with celebrities posing as characters. Stars such as Penelope Cruz, Alec Baldwin, and Olivia Wilde, pose for the pictures; famous faces in past photograph collections include Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lopez, and Whoopi Goldberg. The images are classic Annie, with lots of props, costumes, and makeup. They are shot with a dream-like quality that perfectly encapsulates old Disney movies.  Find the new images below, as well as those from previous years.

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