Everything She Touches Turns Into Gold (Michelle Obama Wears Reed Krakoff’s Bag and Those Fly Off Shelves in No Time!)

Everyone has admitted now Michelle Obama is a style icon in the US. Whatever she wears it becomes a top selling item. She’s boosted sales of Jason Wu, Isabel Toledo and a number of other designers. And it seems that it’s Reed Krakoff’s turn to benefit from the US First Lady’s fashion sense. This week Mrs Obama wore one of Krakoff’s bags to her daughter’s parent-teacher conference and within a few days all pieces of this design flew off shelves.

The bold-colored Reed Krakoff’s bag Michelle Obama carried to the conference costs nearly $1,000, but judging by the time the items were sold this price wasn’t that large in comparison with the reputation the bag would have after appearing in hands of the President’s wife.

So, facts say that everything Michelle Obama touches turns into something really valuable.

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Insects-inspired Jewelry from Eddie Borgo (Fall 2011 Collection)

Eddie Borgo new Fall 2011 jewelry collection has been obviously inspired by insects – spiders, ladybugs, dragonflies, etc. The majority of pieces in the range feature shapes of these creatures in a delicate and very stylish way.

In case you dislike insects but still wish to find something interesting for yourself in Eddie Borgo’s jewelry collection for Fall 2011 you can opt for covetable cone-shaped bracelets in beautiful colors and great materials.

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Models 101: A Broader Range of Beauty – 3 Plus Size Models Shaking Up the Fashion World

It’s no secret that the fashion industry favors ultra-thin models – the dialogue surrounding fashion’s narrow portrayal of beauty seems as old as the industry itself.

Amidst all the endless discussions, one thing is clear: People want to see models they can relate to, that show them a realistic and more inclusive ideal of what beauty looks like. While super-skinny models are easy for super-skinny women to relate to, models representing other body types are few and far between, leaving women who don’t fit the super-skinny mold feeling frustrated and excluded.

Fortunately, the girls featured above, which the industry labels as “plus size,” are getting more jobs and more exposure with each passing day, giving us hope that the standards of beauty are beginning to shift and widen. However, much of their work is still in catalogs or other less-publicized mediums, or if featured somewhere in the high-fashion world, the spreads lean towards sensationalism. We certainly still have a long way to go.

Here, we’ll take a look at three girls that are spearheading this movement towards the celebration of all body types. Crystal Renn, Marquita Pring, and Barbara Bickner are among the top plus size models working today, and are certainly worth knowing about.

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7 New Ways To Wear A Belt

Belts are usually the first step to really having a handle on good, sound styling. There are tons of ways to wear them creatively, but also a ton of ways to wear them disastrously. We’re always searching for fun, clever ways on how to wear belts that flatter our figure, keep things in place, and generally help our outfits look as awesome as we dream them to be. Consider the following list of tips and tricks a an inspiration guide to thinking outside of the belt-loops!

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