Emmanuelle Alt’s First Vogue Paris Cover

With the arguably less provocative and more mass-minded Emmanuelle Alt at the helm of Vogue Paris (meanwhile, Carine’s busy doing her own thing), it’s no surprise that her first cover would feature the most vanilla of fashion memes—the completely inoffensive Gisele Bundchen wearing a white dress in a frickin’ field.

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Smart, Chic Work Dresses That Don’t Scream “Business Casual”

When its time to get down to business, there is nothing we hate more than stuffy, boring, “office appropriate” clothes. No need to panic, working girl. We are here to easy the tension from early-morning closet rummaging and offer ten awesome work dresses that wont make you feel like you need to completely compromise your style just to be taken seriously in the boardroom. Sophisticated and sexy wrap and shift dresses are timelessly chic, but its bright graphic prints, smart cuts and luxe fabrics that boost your options way beyond any drab stereotype of work attire.

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