Fashion Challenge: Wear a Pashmina

Whether you picked yours up for $5 on the streets of Manhattan or at a fancy boutique, I’d be willing to bet that you have a pashmina somewhere in your closet. These large, fringed pieces of cloth are silky soft and surprisingly warm, making them clear winter staples, but how to style them isn’t so obvious.

With only a few weeks of winter left, we’ve all come down with a bit of spring fever! Infuse some color into your cold-weather wardrobe by taking this week’s challenge: work a pashmina into an outfit. Before you change clothes, take a few snapshots — YOU could be featured here and provide inspiration for other CF readers!

Tips and Tricks for Rocking a Pashmina:

Wear it as a scarf. This is probably pretty obvious, but it bears repeating. Pashminas make ideal scarves – they’re full, not the slightest bit itchy, and long enough to wrap around your neck a few times.

Bring it with you while you travel. Pashminas are lightweight and fold easily, so they’re great to bring along with you on long road trips on on flights.

Wear it as a headscarf. Pashminas can easily be knotted, pinned, or draped, making them perfect for going incognito – just add a pair of sunglasses for a very Jackie O. look.

Try it as a shawl. A wide, lightweight scarf like a pashmina looks great draped across one’s shoulders on a chilly night. Knot it in the front or pin it with a brooch to hold it in place.

Wear it around your hips. Depending on its weight and length, a pashmina can work as a colorful belt or just for a little extra warmth on your backside if it’s super cold out.

Make it into a funky top. Pashminas have enough fabric to offer you coverage – so why not take yours and get creative? Try to pin, tie, or wrap it to make a unique top. This IS a fashion challenge after all!

via Fashion Challenge: Wear a Pashmina – College Fashion.


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