Fall fashion week preview: Jeremy Laing, Mark Fast and Calla Haynes

We asked some of Canada’s finest fashion week exports, Jeremy Laing, Mark Fast and Calla Haynes, to give us the scoop on what they’ve got planned for the upcoming season in New York, London and Paris.

New York: Jeremy Laing

Concept: Everything lunar, but from an earthbound perspective.

Muse: Jane Eyre, Kate Bush

Fabrics: Fabrics are light and very fluid, with either a sand-washed surface texture or a mottled dye effect. Jersey is everywhere and we focused a lot on easy layering, as in a pant, tunic, jacket and coat all in the same Japanese liquid drapey fabric. Everything is soft, long and unstructured. The palette centres on dark saturated indigo and navy, with smoke grey, rust, and mossy greens.

London: Mark Fast

Concept: The collection is inspired by the concept of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the fierce mystery under a gentile spirit.

Silhouette: Laced up, rouleau loop dresses, transparency and exaggerated proportions of volume.

Inspiration: Oil running through a rusty, torn down industrial steel yard, wolf packs and sheered sheep

Muse: Jen Brill, Caroline Sieber, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Carine Roitfeld. These are my power women!

Paris: Calla Haynes

Inspiration: F.H. Varley, my grandmother’s cats, and Antarctica.

Fabrics: Incorporating prints in playful ways and with new innovative techniques.

via Fall fashion week preview: Jeremy Laing, Mark Fast and Calla Haynes | At the shows | fashionmagazine.com.


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