Addy van den Krommenacker: glam warrior

Known for his glamourous red carpet dresses that are in hot demand from many a Dutch celebrity, designer Addy van den Krommenacker opted to use Amsterdam fashion week’s catwalk as the tool by which to reveal his winter 2011 / 2012 pret-a-porter collection. This year’s collection marked something of a point of difference for van den Krommenacker’s ready-to-wear offerings with the designer opting for a stronger design aimed at women who are willing to show off their figure. Out was his common use of red, pink and other bright hues, as the colour green and different cuts came to the fore.

The army and nature were inspirations for the show. We saw a lot of feminine and elegant dresses in the colours green, gold, brown and floral prints. And by a lot, I mean a lot! A somewhat epic endeavour, the show comprised a great many dresses. Every time you thought it was the final piece, there came another dress that was even more beautiful than the last!

The show contained a lot of A-line frocks with long voiles. And while there was a lot of glitter and gold in the show, it stayed within the bounds of being elegant and classic. Overall he used a lot of fabrics that can easily be seen as cheap, like panther prints; but Krommenacker is someone that can turn these fabrics into very elegant pieces. Krommenacker also showed some dresses with big collars, that gave a charming twist to the dresses.

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