Spotlight on Ewelina Barlak

Polish-born Ewelina Barlak’s label, EwelineB, launched in 2007 in Germany and has already shown at New York Fashion Week (in 2010). Greatly influenced by the screen sirens of classic movies, her Fall 2010 collection was inspired in particular by Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind.

And the inspiration for Spring/Summer 2011? Roman Holiday, of course. The collection is a total throwback to another time and era, and is testimony to the fact that Barlak follows her own sensibility rather than passing trends. The clothes are utterly feminine, with cinched waists and precious details. Playful rompers, floral dresses with ribbon sashes worn with gloves, and streamlined pastel suits all have their place in this innocent collection. But Barlak hasn’t forgotten that Roman Holiday was a comedy—her clothes exude a sense of fun as well. The wearer feels invited to deconstruct these clothes a bit and make them her own.

Barlak’s pieces just beg for something mischievous to be added—a quirky shoe, fun accessories, crazy hair. So although her spring collection may hail from another era, personal and modern touches will keep the clothes looking timeless without losing any of their old-fashioned femininity or nostalgic power. Barlak designs for the strong modern woman who still wants to look like a lady. And at the end of the day, doesn’t that include us all?

via Spotlight on Ewelina Barlak | Emerging Designers.


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