I on Fashion: Inspiration for Dressing

Though readers have journalists at a disadvantage inasmuch as each reader’s identity remains hidden while that of the journalist is revealed, even if only in name—though, in other words, I can’t claim to know much about my anonymous readers as individuals—I can nevertheless assume with some accuracy that most of those scanning these sentences are, as they do so, wearing clothes. They have this in common, and yet their style of dress runs the gamut—everything, I’d wager, from jeans and graphic tees to officewear to hipster tights-and-dress ensembles and beyond. Each style is unique to the individual, within certain recognizable categories.

From this rather obvious starting point, then, I’d like to pose the question: from where do we draw inspiration for how we dress? And what resources exist for inspiration?

Clothes being what they are—that is, a downright necessity in public—inspiration is all around us. Granted, not everyone on the street is well-dressed, but if you’re fortunate enough to live in a major hub like New York, L.A., Berlin, Tokyo or Sydney—or any of dozens of other cities—then you should have plenty of street-level style to soak in.

via I on Fashion: Inspiration for Dressing | iLifestyle.


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