How to Look Like a Million Bucks for Less

Once upon a decade ago, single-gals and twenty-something girls watched Carrie Bradshaw unfold an embracing truth, “When I first moved to the city, I would buy Vogue instead of food, because I just felt it nourished me more.”  Bravo!

It was a justifying moment. A truth many of us would never admit. For the first time in forever, we all realized that in New York City, A.K.A. Fashion Central, it was almost instinctual to choose labels over lunch, shoes over bills, and magazines over unlimited-metro cards. The twenty-something girl’s guilty pleasure of misplaced boundaries was exposed—and it felt good to be bad. Who cared if you slept on a mattress, at least you looked good. Right? Over the years we saw Carrie place Monolo’s before rent, and as a guilty shopaholics ourselves,  (let’s face it, anybody reading this is pretty much obsessed) we wanted to help wean your expensive taste to a more moderate/sensible budget.

The great thing about New York City, no matter how tight the budget, there is always “something” that mimics “Wait is that Emilio Pucci?” the world will never know. There are plenty of stores out there that furnish great items for bargain prices. All it takes is a little research. Sample sales will forever be your friends; Forever 21 will keep you young, and H&M posh. To show you how, let’s see how far $200 can take you.

via How to Look Like a Million Bucks for Less | Runway Trends.


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