3 Easy Tips For Pulling Of The Maxi Skirt In Style

The maxi skirt is huge news for 2011, but before you get all “I’m too short/curvy/timid to wear one!”, we’ve got a few great tips for rocking the soon-to-be staple with style.

1: Define that waist! There’s one surefire way to look like a shapeless sack in a maxi skirt–by hiding your gorgeous figure under too much fabric. Adding a belt, like Olivia Palermo did with her motorcycle jacket/printed skirt combo, or as seen on a model from J. Crew’s spring 2011 presentation, will give you a distinct silhouette and help emphasize the slimmest part of your body.

2: Show a little skin We’re not saying you need to get all T&A extravaganza on us, but a little flash of flesh will keep your maxi skirt far from grandma territory. Opt for a deep-plunging v-neck, like on this model at MaxMara, or wear a sleeveless turtleneck to remind people that you’ve got a hot young bod under that super-long skirt.

3: Mind your proportions This one is especially helpful if you’re not a supermodel–don’t go big on the top and big on the bottom, because too much volume can give the appearance that you’re bigger than you really are. If you’ve got some curves, flaunt ’em in a tucked-in fitted top; if you’re keen on keeping your bum covered, go for a boyfriend blazer and cinch it around the middle.

Have you dolls been temped to try out the maxi skirt trend yet? How would you wear it? Do any of these tips make the trend seem less intimidating? Discuss!

via 3 Easy Tips For Pulling Of The Maxi Skirt In Style: Slaves to Fashion: Fashion: glamour.com.

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One Response to 3 Easy Tips For Pulling Of The Maxi Skirt In Style

  1. Student Shopaholics says:

    Great tips! I am only 5ft 7 and still feel too short to pull off a maxi skirt, and not cool enough haha. I will definitely be experimenting with them this year!

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