Extreme Layering – The Trend This Winter

There is one fashion trend this year that is praised as the best – the extreme layering. The so called extreme layering was part of all major designers’ collection and represents a natural touch to your wardrobe.

The extreme layering winter clothing is fashionable and will keep you warm. In case you want to look trendy and modern, go for nomadic layering.

The nomadic layering represents carefree spirit and stylish appeal. Go for long knitted skirt; combine it with big knits or bigger coats and the ultra-long sock boots, which are the hit of the season.

The ponchos are also super modern. Another fashion combination is the fur coat with over-the knee boots and a mini knitted skirt.

The gypsy layering is eccentric too; therefore you can include more bright colors, combined with different fabrics: lace, satin and many others. The hats are also part of the hot layering trend.

Go for knitted hats with different patterns, if you want a more extravagant look. The fur hats are an absolute must for this trend, so pick one in dark violet color.

Remember that layering is also a matter of spirit, so experiment with the colors.

via Extreme Layering – The Trend This Winter | The Fashionables.


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