The Weatherproof Winter Boots You’re Looking For

You may have replaced your nose with an icicle, but don’t let the chill get you down. With a quality pair of winter boots, your feet can stay happy through even the most frigid of storms. First of all, no flimsy fabrics! Go for thick, non-soakable fabric on the outside of your boots, and say buy to those suede shoes until spring. Number two: Make sure the sole of your winter boot is has good traction. Otherwise, be prepared to do the shuffle all the way to work. Thirdly, boots with built-in insulation (like shearling or faux-socks) are a fun and practical perk—and good for those days when all your hunting socks are in the wash. And for those heel-lovers out there—the weather may be a little more precarious, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo your height. Look for wedges or stacked heels that won’t send you sliding. Follow these simple guidelines for winter footwear, and you’ll be looking nice when the weather is anything but.

via Winter Boots- Womens Winter Boots For Snow.


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One Response to The Weatherproof Winter Boots You’re Looking For

  1. sagemag says:

    I really want the high-heeled duck boots.

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