How to Wear Sweats: Dressing Up Your Loungewear

If you’re like us, you often work from home. If you’re not like us, and work from an office all day, then you probably love lounging at home on your days off. If you don’t work, then you’re probably at home right now reading this. Whatever the case, we think it’s safe to say that everyone can relate to sitting around in a comfy pair of sweats. We don’t care how fashionable you are, everyone loves to cozy up every now and then. OK, well maybe not Victoria Beckham, but we’re not exactly convinced she’s from this planet anyway.

We spend more time dressed down than we’d like to admit, but c’mon, can you imagine how silly we’d look sitting on the couch with our laptops, in sky-high Louboutins and a crazy Vivienne Westwood frock? Just because we love comfort, doesn’t mean that we need to live our lives looking like a bad minivan-mom stereotype. There are plenty of fun and fashionable ways to dress up your sweats.

This look revolves around a great pair of sweats. In the event you don’t already own a pair, we are loving:

Bretta II in Grape by RVCA, $26

The Last Exit in Heather Gray by OBEY, $21.05

Unisex Flex Fleece Sweatpant by American Apparel $38

Once you have your sweats, it’s all about how you wear them. Our favorite way is with a jersey scarf and sweatshirt material blazer, which gives an instant ‘professional’ edge, without compromising an ounce of comfort. Beyond that, it’s your shoes that will make or break this look. If you plan to leave the house, sneakers are an absolute no-no if you’re trying to maintain your fashionista status. Instead, try anything with a heel, or at the very least, an embellished flat. Accessories are helpful but not necessary, just make sure you have a nice bag!

via How to Wear Sweats: Dressing Up Your Loungewear | The Fashion Spot.


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