L’Oreal Studio Secrets primer: beauty review

I’ll confess I’d never used a primer before testing out this one from L’Oreal. And, being generally skeptical of anything that promises to work miracles (smooth out my small but increasingly discernable pool of wrinkles? As if.) I was wholeheartedly expecting to try it, write a few words about it, and never use it again. But this little pot of Studio Secrets smoothing resurfacing primer proved me well wrong. I am, as it happens, converted. There’s a new step in my makeup routine and I expect it to be a permanent one.

So here’s what I found: the consistency of the product is like a cross between baby pink marshmallows and strawberry mousse. That said there’s nothing too sticky or sweet about it, it’s only very mildly scented and goes onto the skin with a velvety smoothness. I used it with a focus on rougher areas; middle of the forehead, chin, under the eyes, the nose. Used under foundation, the whole effect was smoother and far less prone to flakiness. My foundation also seemed to keep its wear better and for longer.

Lastly and most significantly the L’Oreal primer succeeded exactly where I thought it would fail. It actually did miraculously hide my (small but increasingly discernable) wrinkles. And for that, I think it’s the start of a beautiful friendship.

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