Stylish Leggings for Your Winter Party

The leggings are back on the fashion scene and they are one of the most famous accessories of the season. The neutral leggings are perhaps one of the trendiest, for they are different and add some extravagant accents to your look.

In case you want something really attractive, go for leggings with flower patterns. Those are absolutely stunning, especially when combined with a mini dress. Of course the black leggings remain the absolute classic in the genre. You can combine them with nice oversized blouse and a large shawl for more urban look.

In case you want to add the leggings into your every-day wardrobe, just combine them with a stylish blazer and comfortable over-the-knee boots, for this is the special combination of the season.

Don’t hesitate to wear bright colored leggings. Actually they are super modern and sexy. The so called statement leggings are also proper for official events, for they are provocative and interesting.

Check out the latest collection of Prada and Balenciaga, their bright colored leggings are extremely attractive and they go perfect with denim jackets and leather trench coats. The ripped leggings are also another fashionable trend, so go for them in case you want to add some bold elements in your wardrobe.

via Stylish Leggings for Your Winter Party | The Fashionables.


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