Secrets of the Million-Dollar Mega-Babes

Jess Hart is, in her own words, “starving”. She got off a plane from New York only hours ago and, despite being squeezed into a figure-hugging Jayson Brunsdon dress, she’s determined to find food – something you don’t normally see on a fashion shoot. Relief floods over her face as someone tells her there are snacks in her dressing room.

Just as she speeds off in that direction she bumps into Jennifer Hawkins, and suddenly it’s a mutual appreciation society of glamazons. “You look AMAZING!” Jen shrieks. Jess laughs back, “No, you do!” The beauty quotient couldn’t get any higher. The two Myer ambassadors are the models of the moment, not only bucking but completely changing the trend of size zero and heralding a new healthier look.

What is most refreshing about the two women is that they don’t try to maintain the myth, like some other models and actresses, that their bodies are not the result of hard work and commitment. “There’s no such thing as those girls who don’t work out,” Jess says. “Even the girls who say they don’t exercise usually do. You have to.”

A former basketball player, Jess’s routine at home in New York these days consists of fitting in at least three workouts a week, combining running, gym sessions and cycling. “I really try to mix it up and keep it interesting,” she says. And if she takes a break from her schedule, Jess, 24, says she’ll kickstart her workout routine by sweating it out in a Bikram yoga class.

Meanwhile Jen, 26, says the key to her figure lies with workouts six days a week. She combines 90-minute high-impact cardio workouts with yoga and Pilates. Off the agenda is weight training, as she feels it leaves her “not looking very feminine”. “When I exercise I feel better, I feel more confident,” she adds. Both keep their weight in check by eating vegetables and proteins including salmon, and replacing white bread with wholegrain carbs.

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