Q&A Melissa Coker

Fashion recently had a chance to catch up with Melissa Coker, founder of Wren. The Illinois-born and raised designer hails from the stylish all-American town of Lake Forest. The motivation for her designs comes from more than a decade’s experience in both the East and West Coast fashion industries. Coker took her first steps down this path with an internship at Helmut Lang, then newly headquartered in New York. Eventually she moved on to editorial roles with Vogue, W and Details. After this, she accepted a position spotting trends and providing brand direction for corporate apparel companies. It was during this time that she began to dream of launching a line of her own.

Her label Wren was founded in 2007. According to the Wren website, its name comes from Jenny Wren, “a sadly winsome little creature who makes dresses for dolls in Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend—only the first in a long line of muses that embody the label’s dedication to perfect imperfection.” The LA-based brand conveys a free-spirited enthusiasm combined with [moderate] chic and subtle classiness.

via Q&A Melissa Coker | Emerging Designers.

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