Anna Sui in London for new book signing

What did The Supermodels’, Kate Moss, Naomi Campell, Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista look like as budding models nearly two decades ago?

A new book, which celebrates the career of New York’s ‘pirate queen of boho chic’, the designer, Anna, Sui, reveals all – and is a walk down memory lane for all with a fascination for ‘The Supers’ and eclectic style with a rock ‘n’ roll edge.

Kate Moss poses as a ‘Calamity Jane’ with attitude, in a suede bikini-top, thonged jeans and feathered hat, from an early editorial shoot. Naomi Campbell, Cristy Turlington and Linda Evangelista take to the catwalk as ‘Babydoll Brides’ for Anna Sui’s summer 1994 catwalk show. And Naomi is seen, way back in 1991, giving her famous over-the-shoulder, sultry pout, on the catwalk, in a black PVC biker jacket and checked micro-kilt.

via Anna Sui in London for new book signing – Telegraph.


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