Vintage-Style Jeans You NEED To Own

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been incessantly searching for a pair of signature vintage jeans with the perfect passed-down feel for years. Well, lest you wear yourself out in pursuit of chic, worn-denim wear, we present our latest obsession: Les Halles. The brand’s denim is distressed to an ideal degree, and they have a totally vintage brand history to boot. The line, responsible for the “baggie” jean trend of the early ’80s, was created by husband and wife Marlene and Stephen Baum in 1979, and has been resurrected by their daughter Remy Baum—who doesn’t love a good ol’ family business? And their resurgent success is certainly no surprise to us. We’re all over their modern reconstructions of hit-sellers from the age of Fame, that prove that there truly is an art to tearing up your old jeans—this ain’t no DIY project here. And their prices are already recession-friendly at $120 a pop…just the throwback vintage look we need!

via Vintage Jeans- Vintage Denim Jeans at Les Halles.

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