Michele Miglionico Celebrates the 50 Years of “La Dolce Vita”

As part of the 5th International Film Festival in Rome, the restoration of Federico Fellini’s film classic “La Dolce Vita” (underwritten by Gucci and Martin Scorcese’s The Film Foundation) was celebrated at the Excelsior Hotel in Rome.  The existential film, set in Rome against a backdrop of high society and glamour, made a splash when first released in 1960 and endures as an iconic portrait of the struggle for meaning in a world of excess.  Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini said, “La Dolce Vita is a film that paved the way for a new world with an obsession for style, fashion and celebrity.”  To that end, it was only fitting that the celebration would include a fashion show by Michele Miglionico, who reinterpreted the glamorous, jet set styles from the film’s era.

The collection of couture dresses had a dramatic, sexy, screen-siren vibe and timeless appeal.  Pleating and lace adorned otherwise unembellished knee-length and floor-length gowns in simple silhouettes that enveloped the body beautifully.  Jewel tones, basic black, and barely-there nudes gave the collection depth and variety.  And Gianna Meliani shoes and Ripani bags completed the looks.  “La Dolce Vita” is now the 6th film to be restored by Gucci and The Film Foundation, and we applaud their efforts at keeping alive these tributes to the styles and times of bygone eras.

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