Secrets from Christina Aquilera’s Burlesque Makeup Artist

You’ve seen the clips and gushed over pictures from the premiere, but if you’re like us, you still haven’t gotten your Burlesque fix. And while the movie doesn’t hit theaters until November 24th, our exclusive interview with Christina Aquilera’s personal makeup artist Kristofer Buckle is a satisfying hold-me-over. “Christina, who plays Ali Rose, transforms so much in the film that I tried to keep certain color palettes consistent throughout,” Buckle told us. “The audience needs something to hold onto, so you’ll see a lot of pinks and corals, but just at different intensity levels.”

“This is Ali Rose’s off-stage look. I wanted Christina to look like a girl from Iowa, but one who reads magazines and has done her homework. The key to this look is her shiny coral blush. It gives her an air of vulnerability. Normally Christina really plays up her brows, but I wanted them to be light and secondary, so I filled them with Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in Ash Blond.”

“I made these fake eyelashes from scratch inspired by an old Man Ray photograph. When I first showed [director] Steven Antin, he was like, ‘I don’t know…’ I went into Christina’s trailer and was like, ‘Okay, put these on and let’s go sell these things!’ I had her lip sync and everything for Steven. Needless to say, he was convinced!”

“I had to conceal all of Christina’s tattoos. In dance numbers like this, with all that movement and sweating, I was on constant tattoo patrol. I’ve learned the hard way in this business to always use waterproof everything.” For even more, check out the just-published book Burlesque: The Motion Picture!

via Photo Gallery : What’s Right Now.

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