Padma Lakshmi’s Spring Collection Is a Little Bit Tribal, a Little Bit Cher

Among the disposable excess of actress-designers, singer-perfumers, and reality-TV-memoirists vying for media coverage, Padma Lakshmi — the enterprising foodie-designer-author-actress-entrepreneur — has truly earned her slashes. The luminous Top Chef host originally launched her eponymous jewelry line in May 2009, pooling money from a Pantene endorsement and hiring on her best friend. Though she juggles Top Chef filming, writing, mothering (baby Krishna is nine months old), and managing Easy Exotic (her own culinary company, which produces spices, teas, and salts), she remains resolutely hands-on with her pet start-up. “We’re not a trendy company. We don’t use anything artificial or costume, whether it’s something humble like sterling silver or precious sapphires,” she says. “And I’ll never make a piece of jewelry that I don’t want to wear myself.”

This winter is poised to be a typically busy one for Lakshmi. Season eight of Top Chef premieres on December 1 — the series’s first all-star season — and the finale will be shot early next year. She previewed her spring 2011 Padma jewelry collection last week. And this month she’s starting work on her third book, a memoir exploring her relationship with food. We caught up with Lakshmi to talk Top Chef, Parisian romance, and her enviable closet.

via Padma Lakshmi’s Spring Collection Is a Little Bit Tribal, a Little Bit Cher — The Cut.


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