The Perfect Oufit For The Lambs Club Restaurant

Greta Garbo. The Stork Club. Frank Lloyd Wright. There’s something about Art Deco decadence that’s just so winter-y—as the cold weather gets colder, we’re having a major ’30s throwback moment. We’re ready to slip on a fur (or faux), run some ruby lipstick across our lips, and add a bit of shimmer here and there.

‘Tis the season suited to long evenings indoors (and we’re not talking a robe and your futon guys), enjoying hearty fare and festive cocktails. So, channel Grand Hotel, and throw in a dash of Peggy Guggenheim for a night that will live in the holiday history books. The setting: The Lambs Club, a new, clubby restaurant that will transport you to Poirot the very instant you step through the restaurant’s front doors. Modeled on next-door institution Sardis, the clean lines and whispered chic decor, coupled with the padded-leather red sofas, shiny steel lights (echoed in the gleaming space-age chairs), serves up a generous helping of Art Deco style, all housed in the equally sleek Chatwal Hotel.

We recommend pairing the American fare—roasted lamb saddle (duh), farm chicken, Delmonico steak—with a stiff Gold Rush, a potent concoction with Bourboun, lemon, and honey.

Don’t worry about the outfit, we got your back. It’s best to imagine you’re Jean Harlow, sashaying into the room sparkling in the dim light of the fire, dripping straight-up luxury. Think fur coats, an amped-up LBD, geometric, embroidered clutches in vibrant colours, satin shoes, blingy, diamond chandelier earrings and red, vixen lips. It’s all about extreme femininity and unspoken power baby girl; We want every head to turn towards you like the screen siren you are. We suggest asking for the table right under the mural—trust us, the other diners’ necks will hurt.

via Fashion Plates: The Perfect Oufit For The Lambs Club Restaurant.

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