St. Kitts & Nevis “Shopping the Drumstick and the Johnny Cake”

These two Islands curiously resemble a turkey drumstick (St. Kitts) and an authentic Johnny Cake (Nevis) in shape. Together they form a federated nation of Islands which couldn’t be more different in personality. Bustling St. Kitts is a paradise infused sassy hot spot while smaller Nevis attracts visitors with its plantation-style inns and intimate restaurants. Basseterre, the capital of St. Kitts is riddled with small shops and malls, including the Pelican Mall and TDC, carrying a wide assortment of Kittitian fashion and delights. Find locally designed batik print pieces at Island Hopper on the Circus and rich artwork from their many galleries. The bargain savvy will find jewelry outlets such as Abbots Jewelry and Diamonds International, which sell Seiko and Movado watches. Out of town is the Caribelle Batik, a complex amidst the Wingfield Sugar Estate ruins Botanical Gardens of Romney Manor, specializing in colorful batik clothing produced on Sea Island Cottons. The Potter’s House in Camps Bay features the ceramics of local artist Carla Astaphan, as well as unique frocks and jewelry made by local craftspeople.  Port Zante is the home of about 60 shops, with emphasis on bling! One of the noteworthy, best-established shops is Linen and Gold which offers a generous selection of gold and silver jewelry, in signature bold modern designs.

Where to Drop off Your Shopping Bags after Your Spree!

via St. Kitts & Nevis “Shopping the Drumstick and the Johnny Cake” | iLifestyle.


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