Look of the Moment: the Turban

At the S/S 2011 runway shows, turbans were the headwear of choice, and they’ve already started popping up on the world¹s most fashionable set.

The turban has both an exotic appeal (it got its start as the official headwrap of Egyptian pharaohs) and a strong sense of extravagant, retro-sophistication (think Joan Crawford during Hollywood’s Golden Age). In this street style look, the woman’s black turban showcases another dimension of the turban’s versatility: Parisian chic.

Rather than go gaudy, she takes a simplistic approach to styling around her statement-making hat, by sticking to neutral tones like black, gray, and sandy beige. Overall, her look seems minimalistic, but she still finds a way to convey an Old Hollywood sensibility. The elegant display of gold around her neck adds a dash of flash that brings the outfit¹s gloomy palette to life, and complements the eye-catching factor of her turban.

via Look of the Moment: the Turban | The Fashion Spot.


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