Omega’s Ladymatic: classic piece for a modern girl

There are certain occasions which require sophisticated, understated diamonds. Such occasions as the ones where you need to be the pinnacle of Princessely elegance, or those that require you to don a sweeping, floor-length, velvet Bond-girl gown. For these evenings a timepiece like OMEGA’s Ladymatic – originally launched in 1955 and now refreshed for a new age – is more than well suited.

But what of the modern girl who prefers to sip her martinis in a leg-baring minidress and bed hair? Here’s where we’d say that such a watch still goes. While OMEGA’s campaign starring Nicole Kidman very much plays to the aforementioned classical elegance, we can also picture the watch peeping out, as a surprise twist, from underneath the leather sleeve of a vintage motorcycle jacket. Or piled up with bangles on a bare arm, with a little black dress. The key is to wear it for right occasions – wear it as a statement piece and everything else will fall inline; with that in mind, it’s possible to work it in with many of 2011’s fashion trends and beyond.

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