What Men Think About Women’s Fashion

We all know that women and men’s attitudes to fashion are different. What we like men usually dislike. They don’t understand fashion trends and think we are too obsessed with clothing. Probably they are right but aren’t they obsessed with cars and football as much? So, they can’t really judge us. But still we are interested in what they think about our outfits and we want to know what they like.

According to a recent survey carried out by Men’s Health magazine men like when women wear skirts, dresses and high heels while they are indifferent to trousers, tunics and accessories. Well, let’s go into the details now.

Skirts. Over 75 per cent of men think women should wear dresses and skirts more often than other items of clothing. And those can’t be too short. If there is a split it has to be on the side.

Trousers. Men believe it is appropriate to wear trousers to work or to the countryside. But they do want to see their beloved wearing skirts during date.

But men love when women wear skinny jeans with high heels.

Dresses. 100 per cent of men like women in dresses. It looks feminine and sexy on a woman of any age. And little black dress is the best option.

Only 25 per cent of men like maxi dresses.

Tunics. I know it’s strange but few men really like tunics. The majority think tunics are baggy and can’t flatter a woman’s shape.

Color of clothing. Men prefer monotone fabrics in reserved colors. Various prints don’t allow them to focus on the woman.

Footwear. 65% of men like their partners wearing high heels and only 20% admit they don’t mind sneakers and flats. Men do believe that woman’s walk becomes more playful and graceful when she wears heels.

Accessories. Men like it when we wear few accessories and they don’t want to know what those are made of and how much they cost.

These facts are interesting but we don’t always dress for our partners. We dress for ourselves and friends (we should admit that!). Besides, every woman should have her own unique style that doesn’t depend on someone’s opinion. Just be yourself and your man will like you!

via What Men Think About Women’s Fashion – MillionLooks.com.


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