Bag Can Speak Volumes About Woman’s Character

Woman falls in love with a handbag in early childhood when she sees it for the first time in her life, in her mother’s closet, for instance. And this love is ongoing, it never stops and only increases with time. The interesting fact is that every woman usually sticks to a certain type of bags and just occasionally indulges herself with a piece that’s absolutely different from all other items in her collection. Experts have done a survey on this question and revealed that it’s all about woman’s individual character traits that determine the style of bags she prefers.

So, according to the survey:

If woman prefers clutches (not only for special occasions but daily wear as well) she is most likely to be a confident, self-assured person who likes to feel independent and believes she can do everything on her own.

If woman opts for a large roomy bag that can be worn on the shoulder she is rather conservative and knows what she wants. But she hesitates about every her serious decision though never takes advice from other people. She is cautious in life but very caring when it comes to love.

If unusual bag is the choice, the woman must be eccentric and extremely emotional. She likes dreaming and realizing those dreams. Besides, she is sure she is special.

Women that buy cute, almost childish handbags with cartoon characters and funny prints are pretty naïve and often believe in miracles. They can be hurt easily and are very capricious.

Those women that prefer ordinary bags in classic style are very practical. They value durability in things and stability in life. Such women think comfort is more important than originality.

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