Project Runway: Episode 13 Recap

This was Tim Gunn’s roadtrip episode!  He traveled to Hawaii (Andy), Palm Springs, CA (Michael C.), Denver, CO (Mondo), and Portland, OR (Gretchen) to check on the troop’s progress for their NY Fashion Week collections and mingle with their families.  Andy, with two weeks left until the show, still had almost nothing accomplished.  Tim commented that Michael C. had “design diarrhea” since he had already created 18 looks (only 10 were needed) and he wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down.  Gretchen was in the midst of personal armegeddon (big breakup, housing issues, etc.) while trying to focus on her collection and seemed a bit fragile.

Back in NY, the designers were asked to present two looks from their collection and one additional look to be created over the next two days.  This mini-collection would determine which three designers would go on to show their collections at NY Fashion Week.

Lots of missteps ensued.  Many designers chose poorly when deciding which looks to present for the mini-collection. Andy chose evening pieces, and a bikini, with no middle ground to bridge them.  Aside from his beautifully pleated 11th look, the other two were not “wow” pieces.  Gretchen’s looks were very “granola” and not dramatic enough for the runway.  Her 11th look consisted of a wrinkled linen sack dress, and the other two were not much better.  Michael C., who can create clothes but lacks formal training, seemed to not fully understand what a collection is, and showed three looks in the same color (including an ill-fitting feather bottomed dress) that irked the judges.  Mondo’s collection was stellar as usual, but Nina thought it was a little kooky and needed to be reigned in, and took particular offense to a color-blocked, boldly polka dotted black and white sheath dress.  His 11th look boldly incorporated his usual quirky approach to pairingcolors, patterns, and textures, and the mini-collection was sharp and cohesive.

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