Heidi Klum’s Crazy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a holiday when everyone tries to look crazy, funny and unusual. Heidi Klum definitely knows how to achieve this effect. Her Halloween costumes have always been spectacular and this year she isn’t going to disappoint.

While other celebrities secretly prepare their outfits for the scary night the Project runway host has already shown her amazing costume. Surprisingly enough Heidi is planning to hit the red carpet in the costume of a superhero. I wonder what the inspiration was for this (Iron Man movie?). Anyway, the costume looks fantastic. It is extremely tall and fitted out in a red and metallic purple power rangers style body armour.

Heidi says: “My costume is larger than life! I hope everyone will try to out do me! The game is on!”

Over the years Heidi Klum has worn dramatic costumes at Halloween. She’s been Lady Godiva, Betty Boop, a red witch, a sinful apple, Indian goddess Kali, etc. Each attire was made by fashion designer, Martin Izquierdo.

via Heidi Klum’s Crazy Halloween Costumes – MillionLooks.com.

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