6 Beauty Tricks You Can Only Try On Halloween

Halloween is an open invitation to try all the thrilling hair and makeup looks we wouldn’t be caught in on any other night.

Here are our favorite beauty tricks to test out on fright night.


When we see fluttery, feathered lashes on runway models, they look so pretty. They just don’t translate easily to real life—except on Halloween. Buy strips of feathery faux lashes to complement your costume, or if you’re feeling creative, make custom ones by buying feathers (real or fake) at a craft store. You can cut them into tiny lashlike clumps, dip them in clear lash glue and nestle them into the roots of your real lashes. Gently hold in place until dry.


You can fight frizz on the other 364 days of the year. On Halloween, go with it. Play it up, tease it and think big—really, really big. To create your own pouf-boosters at home, you can use a crimper or curling iron. Just be sure the extensions are heat-safe first, to avoid a scary faux-hair meltdown.


Channel your inner tattoo artist and draw your own temporary designs—they make for a pretty fierce costume on their own. Map out your design using subtle flesh-toned lip pencil. Not artistic? Use stencils from an art supply store. Then trace the design with “ink”—water-resistant black eyeliner. Clean up mistakes and keep lines sleek using a small makeup brush dipped in cleanser. When you’re done, mist on aerosol hairspray for extra smudge-proofing.

via 6 Beauty Tricks You Can Only Try On Halloween | Hello Beautiful.


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