Amy Winehouse Designed For Fred Perry

Amy Winehouse isn’t the person I feel admiration to but I can’t but feel glad she is no longer that horrible-looking young lady who is under alcohol or drugs wherever she goes or whatever she does. She’s changed her lifestyle and that, in turn, changed her look, dramatically. Besides, she’s become more serious and business-oriented. A few days ago she launched her new collection for Freddy Perry which she promoted herself.

Amy Winehouse is often called a style icon of a kind. She is known for her love to Freddy Perry label, so it’s quite clear that Amy felt very excited when she was suggested designing a range in 50s style.

On the photos to promote her line for Freddy Perry Amy looks fresh and stylish wearing simple but elegant pieces. The collection includes only 17 items, both apparel and accessories. Retailing between £22 and £100, the clothes will be sold at Fred Perry stores and some concessions.

Amy confessed she felt very happy when Fred Perry representatives offered her the job:

“I knew exactly what I wanted, and I love Fred Perry so much. I was honoured that they would even, like, ‘Do you want to come and do a line?’ Me, like, me?”

However, when she heard people called her a fashion icon she laughed sincerely and said she dressed like ‘an old Jewish black man.’

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