I on Fashion: Elegance and the Sapeur

Today I’m thinking about elegance—what it is, what it means, and what forms it can take. Much of our contemporary idea of elegance derives from the lifestyles and attire of the often frankly inelegant celebrities about whose lives we seem never to tire of hearing, and not only their fabulous vacations and torrid affairs but also the minutiae of their daily existence.

Though the intensity of the modern West’s obsession with celebrity culture, and the massive cottage industry that has grown up around it, are wholly new, in matters of style the public has looked to distinguished individuals for guidance at least since the Duke of Windsor and Fred Astaire became synonymous with male elegance in the 1930s. And in this regard—elegance—it must be said that the paragons of yesteryear, whether heads of state or silver screen idols, outshone many of their latter-day counterparts.

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Elegant Winter 2010 Boots Trend – Classy And Bold

The knee high boots are now the total hit of the fashion scene. Therefore, check out the latest collection of Fendi and Chanel, for they are all about the knee high boots. The elegant boots come in all kind of colors without any exceptions.

The leather isn’t the only fabric for boots this season, the velour and the fur are the other fashionable fabrics of the fall/winter. Bold and elegant are the words that can describe the look of these boots.

The ankle boots are also part of the fashion look of the season, so check out the latest ideas of Chloe. The designers are creating amazing boots in beige colors. They gave us a real impression of softness and feminine warmth.

The leather boots come in all kind of varieties, but what is important to say, those on high wooden heals are an absolute must this season. The suede shoe models are also modern, for they are reminding the glow of the 70s.

Yet, their main color is black, but don’t hesitate to try ankle boots with different patterns. Black and white combinations are also elegant and stylish, when it comes to boots.

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Dolce & Gabbana Holiday 2010 Makeup Collection: Ethereal Beauty with Scarlett Johansson

The holiday season 2010 has nearly come, as all the major beauty giants prove by launching their ultra-fashionable holiday makeup collections. And naturally Dolce & Gabbana couldn’t stay aside of this pre-holiday season 2010 fuss, so now we can enjoy the yields of their creation. Ladies, welcome the Dolce & Gabbana Ethereal Beauty Collection for Holiday 2010 with a very beautiful blonde Scarlett Johansson and hot D&G Italian macho David Gandy on the D&G Ethereal Beauty Holiday 2010 Collection ad photo.

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Makeup brushes care and cleaning tips

Makeup brushes are your everyday tools to stay beautiful and bright. So they have to be cleansed as often as once in two weeks or more often if you use them everyday. In order to keep your brushes clean and your skin healthy we prepared some tips on makeup brushes care and cleaning.

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What to Wear to a College Interview

Along with pretty foliage, pumpkin spice lattes and costume-shopping, October is also the time for something much more stressful: college applications and interviews.

Unlike internship or grad school interviews, initial college interviews don’t require you to dress business formal and carry a briefcase. Admissions counselors are simply trying to get a sense of who you are and why you’re a good fit for their school. Hopefully when you’re applying to a college, you already know why you want to attend that school in particular – and that’s what Admissions wants to hear! However, as fashion-savvy students, we all know that looking the part is just as important as talking the talk.

To help you succeed in the all-important college interview, here are three college interview outfits that will have you feeling pretty, confident, and comfortable on the big day:

The Girly Girl

Although I’m not one of them, I know many girls who are always in pearls, a dress or some shade of pink. If you love to embrace your girly side – don’t let anyone scare you into a boring black suit for an admissions interview!

Before stepping into your favorite feminine look, make sure you take into account who you’ll be interviewing with and what program you’re applying to. It’s important to dress for your personality – but also in a way that will earn the respect of the 85-year-old Dean of Admissions.

Nude colors and pearls are always go-to staples for impressing anyone during a meet-and-greet – and a modest dress is the perfect mix of femininity and class. Just a small punch of pink is all you need to let your girly side shine through – just don’t go overboard (unless you’re auditioning for a role in Legally Blonde).

The Artist

This being a fashion community and all, many of you are probably dreaming of becoming the next great artist, fashion designer or fashion photographer. Like I said above, it’s important to dress to impress but also to show off your personality. If you’re applying to fashion schools, you have a lot more room for creativity than those girls dressing for interviews at Harvard. But even if you’re the most creative spirit – be careful not to go overboard when choosing an outfit.

The best way to show of your personality (whether you’re a painter or a fashion designer) is with fun jewelry. Invest in some subdued pieces like dark skinnies and a gray blazer and then get creative with accessories! Another way to show of that creative side is an unexpected nail polish color. Other than that, just let your personality (and portfolio) shine!

The Classic Sophisticate

The majority of you will probably want to opt for a put-together, classic outfit like the one below. I have a hard time believing that anyone under the age of 30 is comfortable in a head-to-toe suit (and I’ve worn my fair share of suits), so stick to a tailored look that actually fits your age!

Keep comfort in mind when choosing your clothes and try on your look before the day of the interview. Is your skirt too short when you sit down? Will your heels kill your feet by the time you get across campus? Deal with those issues ahead of time.

This look is great because an embellished cardigan and a pretty pair of flats are young while still being practical. Everyone knows how well you can rock the animal print trend, but I promise it won’t kill you to keep that skill on the DL for a few hours while you interview.

Making It Your Own

I know three looks won’t be anywhere close to fitting all of your styles – but hopefully they’ve given you some inspiration for your interview looks. The most important takeaway is to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in whatever outfit you choose to wear. I have a habit of playing with hair elastics on my wrists or with my earrings in interviews; identify any nervous habits that you might have before you get into your interview.

Remember, you’re all fabulous, creative and have something to offer any school – so be confident! Do your homework, reach out to alumni or current students that you may know (any CF writer could provide insight into their schools) for any information you can get and good luck!

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Make the Cut: Modern, Sexy Hairstyles That Take Years Off

For your next haircut, don’t get another boring trim. Try one of these sexy, modern styles and you’ll look years younger — instantly.

The Long Bob

Why commit to short or long hair when you can have the best of both worlds? “Shoulder-skimming hair is a great compromise. It’s long enough to pull back in a pony but short enough to have some lift and allure,” says Gerry Leddy, senior hairstylist at Pierre Michel Salon, in New York City. Whether you want to wear your hair sleek and polished or a little wavy, start with a smoothing cream to keep frizz under control. Then use a medium-barrel brush to blow-dry hair straight or add loose waves. Mist with a light shine spray to give your hair that final glossy finish.

Curl Power

Strike the perfect balance between chaos and control by creating soft, luscious tendrils. A versatile cut with long layers does this by weighing curls down so they don’t get too big, says celebrity stylist Sally Hershberger. To tame coarse, tight ringlets or unruly spirals, set dry hair with hot rollers or use a wide-barrel curling iron to loosen the diameter of the natural curl and make it softer, says Gretta Monahan, Dove celebrity stylist. Or section and pin up wet hair, applying a curling cream or gel first, then air-dry. Last, a touch of serum will keep your curls from drying out.

Fringe Benefits

Long, wispy bangs provide instant camouflage for those annoying lines on your forehead (who needs Botox?). “The most flattering low-maintenance fringe is cut diagonally rather than straight across and hits at the bridge of your nose,” says Monahan. You’ll need to use hot tools to style your bangs, so prep them with heat-protecting gel or cream. When you blow-dry, sweep your bangs from side to side to give them some swing, then mist your brush with hairspray and give your fringe a final pass. Or use a mini flatiron to quickly reshape dry, frizzy bangs.

Short Story

Extra inches can really drag you down. A flirty, layered crop gives your hair more body (and gives you sexy confidence). “Layers make for softer lines and youthful movement,” says Hershberger. Massage a lightweight mousse into your roots, then fluff your hair with a flat brush or your fingers as you dry it. This gives your hair body without creating the bubble effect you get from a round brush, notes Leddy. When hair is dry, apply some texturizing product and twist into piecey sections.

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Face-off: Holly Valance & Elizabeth Hurley

Welcome to Face-Off, the voting game everyone can play! Just vote for your favourite in the following pairs of pictures and see if other Woman’s Day readers agree with your choices or not.

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