Kim Kardashian’s most discussed ‘asset’: fake or real?

What is Kim Kardashian’s most discussed ‘asset’? Of course her plum and most discussed rear end, which is the envy for many women. It is still a debatable question  – whether it is fake or real? Based upon the numerous photos from different years there is no evidence that it was enhanced surgically. So another question rises – how can one get Kim Kardashian’s most discussed ‘asset’?

If you see and compare the older pictures of Kim Kardashian and her newer pictures it gets clear that her figure has remained intact for the exception of minor weight fluctuations. Besides Kardashian sisters all have curvy figures so it’s sure natural.

If you want to get such butt as Kim Kardashian’s do lunges, squats and step-ups. It is important to build muscles and train them in order to get bigger butt. Make your workout plan with the focus on the butt-building. Add weights to squats and hold them at the shoulders level. Do kick-backs: stand on one leg and kick the other one back so that your butt squeezes into bubble. Repeat 10 times for each leg, do 3 or 4 sets. Spend 15 minutes on Stair Master everyday as it is not hard and takes little time.

Hiking, biking and running are also great at sculpting your butt. Besides these are good cardio exercises that can help you lose weight. The main butt-building exercise is squats so make sure they are in your workout plan. Kim doesn’t like dieting so her curves come from her love of food. So you can get bigger butt by gaining weight, but in order to keep it in shape and size that you want, you need to stabilize and try maintaining comfortable weight while sculpting your butt for rounder shape like Kim Kardashian’s.

Choose the right clothing. Shiny and light-colored fabrics add volume to your figure. Big complicated patterns and prints also do the trick. Stay away from black and dark-colored clothes. Also avoid pants without pockets on the backside as they add size and volume to your butt as well as ruffles, bows and any other embellishments.

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