Suri Cruise’s $6 000 Halloween Costume

It has always been clear that Suri Cruise is not an ordinary child but her celebrity parents seem to have gone absolutely crazy. The 4-year-old wardrobe is reported to cost over $3 million already, but they are hardly going to stop. According to the latest rumors Suri’s Halloween costume is estimated up to $6 000!!! I can’t believe it.

The dress Suri Cruise will celebrate the scary day in will feature a tulle skirt and pearl embroidery. It’s all we know so far. The custom-made dress can’t be so pricy you would say. And I agree with you. The matter is that Suri is to wear real diamonds with the dress.

A close friend of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise said:

“Suri already has her fairy-princess gown and will be wearing diamonds with her costume.”

If you want my opinion, it would be much better if Katy Holmes spent some money on her own outfits. She looks so scruffy each time she appears in public!

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