Are You A Fashion Victim?

The term ‘fashion victim’ was introduced by Oscar de la Renta who predicted that fashion obsession millions of women suffer from nowadays. Despite the fact this is not actually the disease year by year more and more people get subject to the influence of fashion. And the interesting thing is these people do not always have good fashion sense or style, they just consider it important to follow the latest trends.

The first fashion victims were French girls that lived in the XVIII century. These fashionistas used to wear light chiffon kerchiefs in severe winter frosts and in the result got colds and died. As time passed the situation only got worse.

In the modern world you can consider yourself a fashion victim if:

– Brands are of utmost importance for you. You can spend all your salary on a Gucci bag and then live the whole month with an empty pocket.

– It is essential for you to have a fashionable piece from the latest collection. All those from old collections don’t make you happy at all.

– You copy the reputable fashion icons’ styles blindly.

– You don’t recognize natural beauty.

– You like shopping so much that can spend days doing it.

– You are fond of makeup. You have fake eyelashes, your hair is dyed or you have hair extensions.

– Your tan is fake and you have tanning beds more often than it is really necessary.

– You believe that clothing can be uncomfortable but it should be beautiful and fashionable.

– You go on diets on the regular basis.

– You have had plastic surgery or plan to have it.

– You wear high heels every day.

If at least three of these conditions are true about you, be sure you are a fashion victim. And you definitely should do something about it because this passion can lead to really bad consequences. I hope this post will help you realize fashion is not everything. There are other, far more important things in life.

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One Response to Are You A Fashion Victim?

  1. I’m pretty sure more than 3 things apply to me on that list; however, I’ve learned to limit myself accordingly.
    I don’t think I’m a victim of fashion though, reason being that I don’t follow every trend, nobody should. I also own falsies but I wear them on special occasions maybe once a month, it’s not a big deal.
    People just need to learn to balance what works for them and what doesn’t. You can be a fashionable person without being a victim of it.

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