These Victoria’s Secret Things Can’t REALLY Be Halloween Costumes

With Halloween on the horizon after a reasonably conservative spring 2011 show season, this seems like a better year than ever for it not to devolve into Slutoween. This obviously won’t really happen, but let’s pretend the concept has a fighting chance, because Victoria’s Secret has a new subcategory under “Lingerie” called “Sexy Little Fantasies,” which the Huffington Post has called “Halloween costumes.” You have your cat look, your sailor look, your cowgirl look, and, perhaps oddly, your bride look amongst the offerings. However, let’s not get all spin-y as we bloggers tend to do and turn these items of apparel, which are basically just underwear with a few extra bows and bits of fabric attached to them, into Halloween costumes. They are sex outfits and that is why they’re listed under “Lingerie.” There are probably kind of appropriate places to wear them as costumes — like the Playboy mansion, or maybe a Social Network-themed party where everyone parties as hard and naughtily as those crazy out of control Harvard final club ANIMALS! — but if you’re just doing the parade and some bars and street corners, we’d hope that you’d save these for later.

via These Victoria’s Secret Things Can’t REALLY Be Halloween Costumes — The Cut.


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