Fashion Inspiration: Walt Disney’s Princess Tiana

The newest Walt Disney Princess, Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, may not be a character we grew up idolizing, but just because she’s new doesn’t mean we can’t be inspired by her. Not only is this princess hard working, committed, and intelligent, but she also has a really great fashion sense.

1. Tiana the Waitress

Just because Tiana works two jobs, it doesn’t mean she looks like a mess. She makes her yellow work dress look very put-together by adding an adorable cloche hat and green jacket.

To help you emulate her look, I chose a yellow sundress and paired it with a short-sleeved cardigan and straw hat with 1920s flare. Finally, the addition of pretty oxfords and a layered necklace will have you looking chic well into fall.

Hat- Tilly’s,  Necklace- Wet Seal,  Dress- Urban Outfitters,  Sweater- Old Navy,  Shoes- Steve Madden

2. Daydreams of “Tiana’s Place”

Tiana is very passionate about her goal of owning a restaurant, and she often daydreams of walking around her restaurant in a swanky dress, socializing with her customers.

To recreate this look, I used a beaded drop-waist dress, Mary Jane pumps, and, of course, a strand of pearls. Overall, the look really gives off a fabulous 1920s vibe.

Necklace- Dorothy Perkins,  Clutch- French Connection,  Dress- Miss Selfridge,  Headband- Forever 21,  Shoes-

3. The Big Kiss

At the Mardi Gras Ball, Tiana spills a tray of beignets, ruining her outfit, so she changes into one of Charlote’s ball gowns, a gorgeous blue dress with an open back. Finally, she accessorizes with a tiara.

For a modern outfit inspired by Tiana’s blue dress, I chose a light blue mini dress with an open back. Instead of including a tiara, which would be impractical and a little costume-y, I chose a bib necklace that mimics the shape of her tiara in a more subtle way.

Necklace- Jules B,  Shoes- Endless,  Dress- ASOS

4. The Happy Ending

When Tiana kisses Prince Naveen at their wedding, she transforms back into a human wearing a gorgeous green dress.

For this look, I chose a less formal green dress with pleats, and accessorized with tiny frog earrings (since she was a frog for the majority of the movie) and a gold headband and purple ring to allude to the colors of Mardi Gras.

Headband-,  Ring- Avalaya,  Dress- Nicole Miller,  Earrings- Betsey Johnson,  Shoes- Miss Selfridge

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