Top 5 Summer Beauty Trends

We get it: There’s no way you’re going to try that albino eyebrow trend (seen on the Prada runway), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t subtle ways to change your look. Now that summer’s in full swing, it’s time you at least go for one of these cool beauty trends:

1. Slicked-back bun

Instead of using greasy serum or sticky gel, de-frizz and protect your color by rubbing a nickel-sized dollop of sunscreen (or whatever extra you have left over after sunscreening your face and body) into damp hair, then twist locks into a loose bun above the nape of your neck. So glam!

2. Orange pedicure

This sunny shade will brighten your day and enhance your glow, even if you’re just sporting a self-tan (as you should be).

3. Smooth legs

Take a vacation from shaving and try a depilatory. Wipe off the hair removal cream with a warm, damp washcloth and follow up with a stubble-minimizing self-tanner for a week of silky smoothness.

4. Violet lip gloss

Bright fuchsia lipstick is so last year. Try a sheer purple that will bring out warm, golden tones in your complexion.

5. Soft skin

Substitute boring body lotion with a lightweight body oil that leaves skin ridiculously soft with a pretty, shimmer-free sheen. Rub a drop or two onto damp skin or add the oil directly into your bath and soak.

via Summer Beauty Trends 2010 – Hair and Makeup Trends for Summer – Marie Claire.


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